Monday, June 13, 2005

News from India: Scribbling on Bangalore Mail (June 3, 2005)

Today was Chennai day. Y’day night boarded the train to Chennai. My friend R did a Michael Schumi in B’lore’s pouring rain to get me to the station on time. Got an upper birth in AC II tier. There was a young married couple, a young mother and a loud Sardarji (some relative of theirs I guess). When it looked like that the Sardarji wont keep quiet much I volunteered to exchange my seat with his side lower and hurriedly moved to my new found haven. The whole day had been very tiring, having walked the length and breadth of Residency and M.G. Rd I was looking forward to a peaceful night ahead. I don’t remember much of what happened next, with my ability to sleep like Kumbhakarana, I was lucky to get up at the unearthly hour of 6:00 when the train chugged into Chennai station. I wud not have been a least bit surprised if I had found myself in Muzzafarpur, that’s where the train is headed to. Anywayz once in Chennai it was just auto – office – auto – bank – auto – office – auto – Central. Now I am on my way back to B’lore.

BTW, I met L y’day . I gave him the shock of his life. I landed in his office and the receptionist called him to tell that one Ms. Reena Mathews was there to see him. He asked the receptionist to give me the phone and asked me a thousand times what the hell was I doing there. Finally I told him if he doesn’t get his sweet self to the reception in 2 minutes I am getting out of that place. From there we headed to Coffee day on Airport Rd and got stuck in the torrential rain till R came and rescued us.

Today is R’s mom’s b’day. He is taking them to Leela. If i make it in time I will join them else will crash early and sleep like a log. Come to think of it I haven’t slept properly since memorial day weekend. Shopping, packing, dreaming, more shopping, more packing and more dreaming has left me like a zombie. And now here with trips to Blore and Chennai, I am going crazy. Will be glad to go home on 9th, hug mom and sleep (k, dun u dare laugh)

Oh forgot to mention that on the flight from Atlanta, there was a tall Armenian hunk sitting beside me but like all dreams, this was short lived too. This chap was so tall – almost a head and a neck taller than most others on the flight and he was having a hard time fitting himself in his seat & so the stewardess moved him to a better seat leaving me to my lonely self. Tsk tsk.

THUD!!! Oh oh … whats that? A big heavy bag just landed on my head. I am so darn accident prone. I mean there were several other heads, some better than mine but that thing had to land on my head only. Now I have got a bump but I will survive.

The hawker selling vada just passed by and smhow it reminded me of Saravana Bhawan. The guy sitting next to me is reading a movie mag and Kareena babe is looking out from the pages at me. The TT is coming my way, I better start searching for my ticket or do you think a smile will do? No, the smile did not work but the ticket did.

Realized (again!) the AC chair car has better seats than in the flights. More leg room and semi sleeper means semi sleeper and not 1/4th or 1/8th. Realized that Chennai has left its mark on me – my ice blue jeans has turned a dark dirty grey. T.shirt was already grey so its hard to make out unless I wash my face and wipe it with the sleeves J

The guy sitting beside me (yeh, the Kareena babe one) has been trying desperately to talk to me. He has already given me a few, what he thinks is, compliments. He told me that I look very serious about my work, that girls are very good at writing. He also tried (and failed) the weather topic. Yeh, all very lame, rt. Me think so too & hence this silence. Now b4 he comes up with something new but equally lame I am going to pencil down & take a nap. Oh oh, I am late & here comes – “Closest airport to Kodai?” – Not so lame but sorry I dunno. Havent heard of anyone flying to Kodai from B’lore but anywayz. And now sleep beckons as B’lore mail continues to softly rock me and I am giving in – complete surrender. So lights off & g’nite! & if no more bags fall down from the sky I will reach B’lore in one piece.

Rest laterz … miss ya!!!


Blogger An Illiterate Blogger said...

Congratz on da visa. Me starting tomorrow !

June 13, 2005 at 5:04:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Handa said...

nice travelogue... any plans of coming up north ??

July 1, 2005 at 12:26:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is "L"?

October 13, 2005 at 12:34:00 AM EDT  

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