Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Flight to Cherish

I went on a short official trip to Portland last week - flew in our corporate jet. The added perks were - no security checks (which really are a pain in the 'wherever-u-want', esp if u are brown skinned), munchies, foodies, wine, beer, etc but the most interesting part of the journey was that I got to spend close to two hours in the cockpit. The pilots were more than willing to chat with me and explained the gadgets and the autopilot mechanism and demonstrated how they balance the yoke, throttle & pedals all at the same time (I dont think they come across such keen audience like me very often). At one time, they tilted the plane to a cool 45 degrees while I stood there wedged between the seats. I felt like a kid watching in awe the magician's tricks. U may find this silly. In this age of internet, all I need to do is search on google and I will find more information than the pilots could ever give me but seeing it all in real was totally different. If it werent for my project mates I would have happily yelled 'Eureka Eureka!'. It was an amazing experience, more so bcoz I know that that was the closest I would ever come to see what makes a machine fly. The pilots were really nice and allowed me to stand even as we began our descent (thats when we are required to buckle our seat belts) & finally, when we were a minute and a half away from the runway, they asked me to buckle up. And as I returned to my seat, all my co-passengers thanked the Almighty aloud, relieved to know that I wasn't landing the plane.

Anywayz, it was nice to know that the kid in me is still alive and this will definitely remain a cherished trip for me forever.

Monday, February 21, 2005

All Sorts of Blues

I hate Mondays! I wish weekdays would start on Tuesdays and end on Wednesdays.


I learnt one thing today - I am not bad at Swing. As long as my partner wears steel-toed boots and I wear flats, we can keep the damage to the bare minimum.


Read that Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits) is coming to India. What a stroke of bad luck. I spent a good two years of my life in B'lore and all they could bring in then was Bryan Adams and now that I am here, Sting rocks B'lore & MK & Eagles are lined up for the coming months. These are some of my favourite bands and I am pissed, I really am. Seem, Rahul, u guyz out there in B'bay & B'lore, u gotta go for MK's show to cool me off. In the meantime, let me see if 'Sultans of Swing' would help.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oh! I Hate Cell Phones

This is why I hate cell phones - the other day I had a fight, no lets use a more sophisticated expression 'difference of opinion' with, hmm ... well, thats not important. So there we were talking & then the conversation moved onto this topic on which we refuse to see eye to eye which lead to raised voices & eventually to shouts. When I finally realized that its a no-win situation I disconnected.

Disconnected - its such a sad thing to do. I mean when u are in the middle of a heated but LOSING argument, the most satisfying thing to do is 'BANG !' - u bang the phone down. But try that with a cell phone & the next thing you'll be doing is find yourself buying a new one. So much for technology!

I Love You?

What does it really mean to say 'I love you'?

U think you've left your past light years away, u move on & then after months, maybe years U meet - a hug, a kiss, a touch & u know u are back right where u had left it. Is this love, an obsession or just a desperate attempt to make things right again?

Just close your eyes, Reach for the moment, Before it slips by
Here's your second chance, Take it & FLY ...

P.S. To all you out there - Have a lovely Valentine's Day!