Monday, May 23, 2005

Goodbye Nashville, Welcome Atlanta

I finally decided to break my silence (read laziness) after a month and 20 days. Quite a few things happened in between that kept me really busy – I changed jobs, moved places, and attended my oh-so-late convocation. Then of course there were technical problems – New location, new apmt but no internet (& I don’t enjoy blogging from the office much). In between juggling work, setting up my house and making new friends I did not feel like taking time out to write a blog entry until an almost-stranger told me that she enjoys reading my blog. Well, who doesn’t mind a stroke to the ego once in a while so here I am …

Moving out of Nashville turned out to be harder than I expected. In mere 8 months I had gotten to like the place more than any other I had been to in my 2.5 years stint in US, which strangely amazes me cos in Nashville I was a complete stranger. With absolutely no friends, I got more time at my disposal to do things that I always wanted to do like long drives, spending time in bookstore and library, going for swing lessons and even getting back to drawing and cartooning. Then ofcourse I miss Nashville’s pubs and cafes – they are simply the best with a completely different atmosphere. If u ever happen to be in Nashville don’t miss the B.B. Kings and Wild Horse Café on 2nd Ave.

Then out of the blue this offer landed in my hands & within two weeks I found myself on I-75 S headed to Atlanta. Yep, that’s where I am now and its been a month. Haven’t gotten much chance to explore this place but I do know two things – the traffic here is simply killing & this place has a couple of awesome restaurants that serve great Indian-Chinese (Paul r u reading this?). More on Atlanta later till then I’ll keep posting arbit entries like I always do.