Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Wish ...

I Wish Life had ...

A Preview Page - U could just hit the button anytime and see what its gonna be like.

A Delete Button - To selectively delete the bad memories that just wont leave u in peace.

An Undo Key - Actually, I dont need an undo button. If even after a preview I'm going to go ahead with something then I better accept the responsibility and live with it. Plus Erase button Kab Kaam Aayega.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sometimes Blessings Come Wrapped in FedEx Packages

Few days back I was just feeling down - U know one of those days when u are just simply utterly depressed. I had a grueling day at office & I came back home with a long face. As soon as I entered my house my landlady handed me a bulky FedEx package. I don't get mails often other than the occasional letters from home & the Netflix DVDs so this was surprising. I immediately got down to work on it with a letter opener but the FedEx people definitely use good quality cardboard so I had to change my selection of tools. Now, armed with a knife I got down to work, all this while I kept puzzling over what could be there in the package. I had recently seen Kevin Spacey's 'Seven' & the parcel delivered to Brad Pitt was still fresh in my mind (Ok, so that was an exaggeration but anywayz ... )Finally, it came open & I let the contents fall on my bed & out came a letter, then a large portion of coffee cake followed by an MTR packet of 'Appam' mix (For the uninitiated, its rice batter used to make something resembling Dosa & a delicacy with chicken curry or stew). Crazy things to send via FedEx- Yep, thats what I thought. I read the letter. My friend had taken pains in bringing the stuff from India - he had gone home to attend a funeral and still managed to get those things from home and parcel it to few of our friends here in US. I looked at the cake then at the appam mix & wondered at the long journey it had to make to reach me.

So what if the cake had hardened a bit, so what if my culinary skills suck when it comes to appams (& lot more), its the thought that counts, right.

I smiled to myself thinking people are crazy but I am glad they are & I am GLADDER that some of them are a part of my life.